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Professional experience and track record — Current and active participation in Real Estate Lending


Commercial Banking and Real Estate

Choosing the right expert can be the most import step in the case. Since an expert can essentially make or break your case it is crucial to work with someone who is informed, confident, and up-to-date on developments in his or her filed. This is why from the initial tasks of investigating, verifying, and organizing facts, our goal is to provide clarity to our clients on areas outside their own knowledge so they can make informed decisions. We are proud to offer independent, unbiased opinions based on experience, knowledge and expertise in our field. We represent banks and non-bank clients.

print-5x7_mediumPrinciple Expert Jay Hibert

Jay Hibert’s market knowledge and transactional experience has allowed him to work in a consulting and expert witness capacity for many clients over the years. He has transacted hundreds of real estate and non-real estate loan negotiations in times of economic growth as well as downturns in the economy. His extensive credit background arms him with the understanding of how banks and other lenders operate internally. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker (BRE) and his company is a California Finance Lender and Broker through the California Department of Business Oversight.

Phone: (760) 518-2310

Key areas of expertise in litigation work include:

  • Litigation and Discovery Consulting
  • Loan Process and Bank Loan Restructure/Workout Process
  • Note Valuations/Collateral Review
  • Lending Policies, Custom and Practice/Lender Liability
  • Standards of Care and Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Loan Underwriting and Credit Administration
  • Banking Operations/Administration
  • Experienced in trial and deposition testimony
  • Specialty Niche in SBA Real Estate Lending
  • Expert reports adherent to Federal Rule 26

References available upon request.

Licensing Information
Licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate, BRE#01901824 and the California Department of Business Oversight, DBO#603I920


I just wanted to let you know that I thought you were terrific. Your demeanor, conviction, expertise and explanation of complex issues for the jury was perfect. As icing on the cake, you handled the opposing council’s questions. He did not lay a glove on you. Good job!”

Jerry D. Hemme, Managing Partner

“Jay It was really nice to meet you. I was very impressed by your testimony and we all agree you did a fantastic job.”

Colin H. Murray, Partner, Litigation Practice Group Baker & McKenzie, LLP


I want to express my gratitude for the thorough job you did in preparing for your recent deposition.

Your deposition testimony helped convince the defendant bank that I was prepared for trial.

I also appreciate your counsel in advance of the defendants’ depositions I took in Minnesota. You asked for the servicing procedures manual, a document that I did not even know existed. It was produced in response to written discovery and allowed me to use them in the depositions. This allowed me to focus my examination on particular officers.

Finally, you identified a new though related theory of recovery in this action. I had considered predatory lending early in my case and dropped it because I thought my clients’ were sophisticated enough to not be trapped. However, you identified the elements that showed this as a classic case of predatory lending. Again, the suggestion of predatory lending helped convince the bank to settle.

Your style of testifying was clear and cogent. You spoke with confidence regarding complicated subjects, breaking them down to make them understandable for the average juror. This style of delivery shows that in a “battle-of-the-experts”, we were ready to meet them every step of the way.

My clients and I appreciate your efforts on our behalf. I look forward to working with you again.


Patrick E. Herman, Esq. Spring Valley, CA

Commercial Lending



When we formed Market Street we had no intention of going after the more complex deals. Like all lenders, we love the straight forward “cookie cutter” deals. We do well in this market and compete with the best. Since we chose to open shop at a time when the real estate market was in turmoil, we saw a need to be creative. Some of our first loan closings involved transactions where the borrowers had been turned down by every lender and broker in town. This made us, in essence, the last hope. For this reason we focused the early years on developing resources and strategies for the more complicated real estate loan needs, earning us a reputation for getting the toughest deals done. Today our real estate lending business continues to grow. Market Street Financial Solutions is a licensed California Finance Lender and a Bureau of Real Estate Broker. Our nationwide platform allows us to access loan programs in all 50 states, giving our clients the best possible options. We represent banks, insurance companies, private equity funds, and individual investors. If we cannot provide a loan to assist with a real estate refinance, we have a network of investors who may be interested in purchasing the property to provide liquidity.

Financing is available for both owner-occupied and investor projects. Loan terms can be tailored to meet your financing needs including fixed-rate or variable-rate options.

Loan options available for purchase, refinance, construction, expansion, and cash-out if applicable.

Property Types:

Retail, office, industrial, mixed-use, special purpose, multi-family, hospitality, self- storage, gas stations, car-wash, and healthcare.

Loan Programs

  • Conventional Purchase or Refinance
  • Investor Purchase or Refinance
  • SBA 504 Purchase (up to 90% financing)
  • SBA 504 Construction Loan
  • SBA 7a loan
  • Hard Money Loan
  • Recourse and non-recourse loans available

Brokers Welcome: If you have a client or a prospect looking for financing, Market Street Financial Solutions can help. We understand that as a broker your role is to find the best possible solutions for your client and welcome the opportunity to work with you. Contact us today for more information on how Market Street Financial Solutions can partner with you.


Must be a licensed broker or sales agent to receive compensation for referrals. Referral Fees paid to brokers are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Licensing Information

Licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate, BRE#01901824 and the California Department of Business Oversight, DBO#603I920


“Professional experience and track record — Current and active participation in Real Estate Lending”

Residential Rehab

Improving the community one house at a time

Welcome to Market Street Homes, a division of Market Street Financial Solutions. At Market Street Homes our goal is to see a home through its transition from one homeowner to the next.

Whether you are in need of an exit strategy or simply want to move without putting the effort into renovations we can help. We will buy your house for cash, allowing you the relief of a quick solution so you can literally move forward, allowing the next homeowner to build new memories in your home.

Contact Market Street today to see how we can help you and your family move forward with the next chapter in your life.

Our Commitment:

We are not your typical house flippers. While our responsibility is to provide sound returns to our investors, we do not skimp on quality, ensuring that the end buyer ends up with a superior home.

We work with local non-profit groups to provide job creation in the areas of renovation, marketing, and training in the wholesale real estate market.

We strive to increase the value of each neighborhood we enter by delivering beautiful curb-side appeal to our renovated homes.

We donate a portion of proceeds from each project to charity.

For more information on how you can become an investor, seller, buyer, or a participant in the industry of home rehabilitation contact Market Street Homes, your house flippers with a heart!

Commercial Lending

Commercial Lending

Expert Witness

Expert Witness

House Flipping

Residential Rehab



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“Market Street remained steady, confident and unyielding throughout our loan process. Without their help I would have been discouraged by the bank’s strict qualifications and exhausting compliance requirements. We would not have pursued our loan without their help!”

Erica Burles, President - Equation Technologies

“I had the pleasure of using Jay Hibert as a banking expert in a very challenging and contentious case.Jay did a remarkable job of presenting his opinions clearly and eloquently. Jay not only came across as extremely knowledgeable and highly competent, which he most definitely is, but as very likeable and believable as well. In my 35+ years of civil litigation, I have come to appreciate really good expert witnesses, and Jay is one of the best experts I have had the privilege of using. In short, I give Jay Hibert my highest recommendation as a banking expert.”

Kenneth E. Chyten, Esq., Law Office of Kenneth E. Chyten

“Market Street worked relentlessly to complete a refinance of my properties, which was a difficult and complex transaction.  The terms they offered were great and I couldn’t have gotten it done without their skill and expertise”.

Eric Schweinfurter, President and CEO, Apex Contracting & Restoration, Inc.

“I want to thank the team at Market Street for their outstanding service during the refinance of one of my properties.  Most lenders are not interested in working with non-US residents, but they took us through the complex issues of our loan with ease.  They are true professionals and a pleasure to work with.”

Paul Hare, Jaguar Properties