General consulting available for pre-expert witness designation, bank negotiation, and real estate brokerage.

When a case is not to the point where an expert needs to be designated, clients and attorneys often benefit from consulting with an expert in order to gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their case. Our firm offers services in these early stages, allowing the attorney to consider key questions, such as whether or not the case has enough value for litigating, potential settlement value, and often times forming the framework for discovery requests. With our in depth experience in banking and real estate we have been able to help our clients identify key issues to investigate in deposition, consider different complexities of a case, and assist in fact development by suggesting documents or information to request. When we work in this consulting capacity, our communication is covered by the attorney client privilege, so our clients and attorneys are free to discuss trial strategy without the worry of discoverability. This has allowed us to add value by performing preliminary analyses to assess the viability of different strategic directions for the case.

Bank Negotiation
Situations may arise where you could benefit from the knowledge and experience of an unbiased party in a financial situation. Whether you need help negotiating a short sale on your commercial property, working with the SBA, or renegotiating an operating line of credit with your bank, we can help. Our many years in the banking industry have given us the knowledge and contacts necessary to help you through the transaction. For these situations that require a greater depth of experience than you may have on staff, Market Street can do the job on a project basis.

Real Estate Brokerage
Market Street Financial Solutions is a licensed California Finance Lender and a Bureau of Real Estate Broker. We can assist navigate you through your real estate transaction or we can provide preliminary advice before you make you enter into contract. We are happy to assist your existing broker, or we can represent you in a transaction. Our expertise is in negotiating transactions between buyer and seller, identifying purchase opportunities for 1031 exchange, contract review, and arranging financing.