How We Help

“Strong Results driven by integrity and ethical business practices”

As entrepreneurs we understand the importance of satisfied customers. Word-of-mouth has been our most effective marketing initiative. We believe this is because we approach every deal with 5 key phrases that have become our company’s mantra: Work hard and with honest intentions, be creative, remain dedicated, seize all opportunities, and maintain pride of ownership in what we do.

Commercial Real Estate: No nonsense negotiations. No “bait and switch”. High success rate in closing because we don’t string you along. If we can’t do your deal, no one can.

Expert Witness: Active lender, informed, confident, and up-to-date on developments in the real estate industry. Professional representation with trial, deposition, and mediation experience. Extensive credit background with a clear understanding of how banks and other lenders operate internally.

Consulting: General consulting available for pre-expert witness designation, bank negotiation, and real estate brokerage.