Our Story

“So basically we started our company in the middle of the worst economic meltdown in our country’s history.”  Why wouldn’t we? It was not the first time we took a risk, although this time it paid off. Let me backtrack and tell you a little known story about how Market Street got its name. Most people assume that we have on office on Market Street. This is not the case. Our name, Market Street Financial Solutions, was created because of a bad personal investment that was made in 2006 on a property located on Market Street. When we founded our company early in 2009 we decided to use the name Market Street as a way of turning a bad investment into a good investment. Now, years later here we are.

At Market Street Financial Solutions we are dedicated to providing the best service possible in our industry. Our hands-on approach to every transaction has gained us the loyalty of our clients, providing repeat business and a reputation for getting deals done.

Meet the Team